Treatments Offered

Oral Surgery

The surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth, jaw cysts and retained dental roots. Apicectomy procedures to save root treated teeth. The removal of teeth under general anaesthetic (asleep) if you are nervous or not suitable for a local anaesthetic.

Surgery of the jaws, face and neck

Repair of fractures of the jaw, cheekbone, orbit or nose and soft-tissue lacerations.

Removal of lumps in the facial region and neck.

Problems with temporomandibular jaw joints

Advice on management of pain from the jaw joint pain and facial muscles

Management of diseases or lumps in the salivary glands

Advice on management of diseases of the salivary glands including surgical removal of the parotid and other salivary glands. The cosmetic approach for parotid gland surgery is preferred.

Treatment for cancer of the mouth

Advice on the diagnosis and management of suspicious lesions, both pre-cancer changes and cancer. The surgical removal of cancer of the mouth, jaws and face. All forms of advanced tissue reconstruction are available. The surgical management of lumps and cancer or cancer within the neck.

Facial skin lesions

Removal of both benign and cancer lesions of the face.