Consultation & Referrals


I am a Consultant NHS Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon. You may be referred as an NHS patient to the Leicester Royal Infirmary or as a private patient to the Leicester Spire Hospital. You may have either health insurance or pay for a consultation and fixed price surgery at Leicester Spire Hospital. My main private clinic is on a Monday evening at the Spire Hospital.

How to get a referral

You may be seen with a referral letter from their dental or medical practitioner. You may book an appointment directly if you are a private patient and I will see you without a referral letter if there is a delay in obtaining one. More details are on the contact page and additional information is available on the Hospital websites.

How much will it cost?


All the main insurance companies are acceptable and I charge within the normal rates. If you are insured you are advised to check the level of cover which your insurance company provides. Specifically, whether it covers out-patient consultations and in-patient treatment. Depending on the individual policy there may be an excess fee to be paid by the patient and this is typically £50 to £100.


A typical fee for an initial consultation would be £100 to £150. The fixed price cost for a minor surgical procedure under general anaesthetic is typically between £1000 to £2000 and more major procedures would be higher. This will include accommodation, meals, nursing care, operating theatre fees, surgical and anaesthetic fees. Further information and a detailed quote with the terms and conditions attached may be obtained directly from the hospital customer service advisers.